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Women's empowerment Q & A: How do I get clear when I have so many things I like, but no real "passion" for any one particular thing?

In today's post I want to respond to one of the comments on my
survey. The question was:
How do I get clear when I have so many things I like, but no real "passion" for any one particular thing? Especially in terms of business/career

When talking about getting clear whether it's personal, spiritual or business it
begins with you. Many times we focus on the external when talking about our
business/career when in essence the problem may lie internally.

The first place I like to begin in a situation such as this is self discovery
or with a self assessment. Before we get clear we must know more about ourselves.
Get clear on things such as
What matters most to you?
What are your limiting beliefs?
What are your core values?

This will also help in the endeavor to discover or rediscover your passion.

And then there's focus. This is one area which can set you up for
sabotage of your empowering success and that is a lack of focus. Close
the gap by becoming aware of fatal distractions as mentioned in my eBook
The Dynamic Power of Focus.
There are many strategies that can be used to help you in this area as well.

Last but not least and definitely not exclusive is being clear on your purpose.
Purpose will fuel passion, purpose will propel you to take action and move
forward with an extra zeal for life. Out of every endeavor in life it's important
that you are clear on God's purpose for you everything else is an imitation.
And you know I'm for discovering the authentic you.

There are many things that could be added here, however, we'll
save that for another time. Why not simply make the choice today to
do something about how you feel. How long has it been? If it's been
2 - 5 years then I ask you why? No one is going to do anymore about
your life than you're willing to do.
Besides you've been given gifts that need to be shared with the world.
Begin today with you. Make a resolve that you will step forward and make
the connection needed to get clear, refuel your passion and live your
best empowered life on purpose.

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