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Women's Empowerment: Coming to terms with inner/outer peace and time is essential to life balance

Time is what we want most, but... what we use worst. ~William Penn

What a powerful little quote. This is one of most popular
concerns among the women who respond to my short survey and
that I have conversations with.

How would your life change, your business if you had more
time? How important is peace to our empowering success?

I often share with my clients the fact that our environments must
also support what we do and there are actually nine environments.

We need to have peaceful environments and clients will be drawn to a peaceful environment and again I'm not just talking about your physical environment I'm also talking about the environment of you. In the Breakthrough 2010 Mentoring and Coaching program I will reflect on the internal and external. This is where we miss it at times.

When talking in respect of time and peace there are four areas of focus.

1. Peace requires a deeper sense of yourself to the point that
you stop having concerns or worries. To get to this rich
place, one needs to learn and understand more about what
time is, how it works and how to relate with it properly.
Including the outlined principles will accelerate you towards
Peace and having plenty of time.

2. Having time and peace usually calls for a change in routine,
priorities and lifestyle. One may have to radically change
one's habits and conditions just to free the pendulum; it may
whack itself on the opposite side of the case before finding
its natural center of balance. It's worth the risk, but make
sure you have the money, space and time to shift your
relationship with time and peace.

3. In addition to changing habits, one can benefit by
developing or strengthening interpersonal and life
management skills.

4. To have time and peace, one usually needs to give up
some behaviors or routines. During this process, you may
feel irritable, free, boredom, confusion, a sense of loss, or
rushes of energy. Just remember: One usually needs to
pass though the gates of boredom to enter the garden of
peace. Be willing to be bored and work through that.

This is one of the components of the Life Balance module that
I will share during the Breakthrough Mentoring and Coaching
program. If you're ready to finally leverage your time and
embrace the value and richness of peace in your life visit
this page to enroll in my Breakthrough program here.

If you haven't secured my empowering gifts. I also invite you to
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