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Women's Empowerment tips: You can do it! How to maintain your endeavors towards Empowerment and Self Improvement

Do you find it difficult to be consistent in your endeavors towards Empowerment and Self Improvement?

Once you have decided on empowering activities, you will face moments along your journey where it seems that you are not making progress toward your goal. It is natural.

Maintaining your endeavors when the results do not seem to be coming can be challenging. But then, you must not give up when you are pursuing a dream.

Stay on your course. Do not jump overboard. If you believe in your dream and is willing to see it through, you will surely enjoy the sweet reward of success when you arrive at your destination.

Below are four tips for maintaining your endeavors towards Empowerment and self improvement

1. Keep a positive and success mindset

Your mental attitude toward your situation is very important. It's easy to be negative and to think negative.
This will not move you forward and drains the energy from you. If you think possibilities, you will be better able to focus on the opportunities that are present in setbacks or delays.

Keep a positive attitude. You know that you have what it takes to succeed.

Think positive thoughts. Remove negative self talk and tell yourself to think thoughts that will lift your spirit and renew that desire to succeed.
I know you've heard this "Your attitude determines your altitude." Also as a man thinketh in his heart so is he. This is from the Bible.

2. Pull versus Push.

It is not possible to push a rope. Neither can you make any progress by pushing and forcing it to move to your liking.

Experts will tell you that you need to make yourself "attractive" so that you can effortlessly draw to yourself what you want in life. This will also move you away from seducing or pushing in order to produce the outcome that you desire.

What have you been attracting to your life? Are you the one doing the pushing or the pulling?

3. Be persistent.

Continue on taking action daily toward your dreams and goals. Patience and persistence are the crowning qualities of self-confident champions.

Think of the gardener who plants a seed and then waits for it to sprout and grow. He waters and nourishes the seed even when he does not see immediate results, having faith that the seed will develop into a beautiful plant.

Like the gardener, do not think of what you see and what is going on today. Look ahead in the future and what your actions now will result to.

What can you do today to achieve your future plans?

4. Have an accountability and success partner.

Many times this is all you are missing and that is an accountability partner. Someone to hold you accountable to the goals and action steps you've set out to accomplish.
You've tried it alone for a while now and where has it gotten you? It's okay to say "I need your help." This doesn't mean failure, you are wise to utilize the resources
available to you that will allow you to leverage your time and money.

Having a success partner to encourage and support you especially when you are down or frustrated can make the difference in achieving a goal.
Sometimes our vision is blurred by distraction or discouragement. Having a supportive partner who wants big things for you and believes in you can help you stay the self improvement course.

You can do it on your own, but you do not have to do it alone. You have a choice. Why reinvent the wheel?
Why not have a success partner who will stick with you not only through the good times but also through the bad times?

You can find both of these in a mentor and/or coach and I cannot leave out Father God. He's been a great partner. I couldn't do any of this without Him!

Elbert Hubbard "Know what you want to do, hold the thought firmly, and do every day what should be done, and every sunset will see you that much nearer to your goal."

Your Empowerment and Self Improvement endeavors will not always be easy. But with enough willpower, the perseverance to go on and an accountability
and/or success partner you will finally reach that long awaited place of Empowerment as you make the journey along the path of success.

Work at home women's empowerment: School's out now what?

Happy Summertime!

You've made strategic plans, did some networking and even
developed a great schedule for marketing and monetizing
your efforts and now comes the turn. The turn when you must
figure out how to keep the momentum going, create a schedule
that will allow you to leverage your time and still realize
gains in your business while fulfilling the other roles in
your life. The Summer Time turn.

It's not easy realizing work at home women's empowerment and
it can be even harder as you make the transition from the
school year to the Summer months.

Now is the time you must streamline and set one BIG goal that
will give you massive results in other areas.

The key word is focus. If you've ever learned the skill of focus,
now is the time to embrace the act of focusing on what matters most.

Need help with how to gain massive results while committing to
your desire to give what you need to your family and children
during these summer months? Or maybe your children are grown or
you don't have children and yet you must figure out how to monetize
while getting through the Summer months that have been known
to be slow months due to one of meany reasons the season
for vacationing. You don't want to miss my upcoming
Work at home women's Empowerment and Mindset Breatkthrough Teleseries.

When: Bi-weekly beginning Thursday, June 24 at 11:00 am PST
Cost: Free

Although this Teleseries is designed with the Work at Home Woman
and those that aspire to be in mind, everyone is welcome to attend.

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Women's Empowerment tips: How women can get rich by Kim Kiyosaki

The more educated you are the more opportunities you have
in terms of investing. Mindset shift: I'm going to take financial
responsibility for my life. Kim Kiyosaki

I have a passion for women's empowerment and one area is financial
empowerment. This is not my specialty, however, I do encourage women
to learn all they can. Although I do coach around your money mindset,
God and wealth and other components I am often looking for financial
empowerment experts to add to the resource list for my clients and
customers. Watch the video below and receive insight on how women can get rich from Kim Kiyosaki.

Here's what Kim says about investing: If you know what you're doing and when you take it step by step it's not risky.
Kim Kiyosaki

This is one of the reasons many don't explore investing opportunities.
They're not sure of what to do. Make the mindset shift
today. It's your life. Take it serious and do what you need to do in order
to live a Bold, Beautiful and authentically brilliant life!

Women's Empowerment tips: Embrace the process

Do you know how to realize maximized women's empowerment?

I have been giving free consultations to women for my upcoming
special Coaching program and I've identified a few key factors throughout
this time. There is a process that we all must go through and we can either
go through it fighting,kicking, screaming and resisting or we can embrace the process.

You see I haven't always been an Authentic Life Empowerment Mentor,Coach,
Trainer and Public Speaker as a matter of fact you couldn't have convinced
me that I could tell anyone a thing about empowerment. Nor could you tell
me anything about being Empowerment Diva.

As I listened to the many concerns of the women I saw myself
and one thing I remember is that I came to a point where enough was
enough, it was what it was and I was just going to buckle up and get
all that I was to receive from life.

I made up my mind to embrace the process. I chose not to see it as
negativity but an element of the process that I was being allowed to
go through for the end result I wanted to achieve.

Embrace 1 a : to clasp in the arms : hug b : cherish, love
2 : encircle, enclose
3 a : to take up especially readily or gladly b : to avail oneself of : welcome
4 a : to take in or include as a part, item, or element of a more inclusive whole b : to be equal or equivalent to Resource - Miriam Webster

Each challenge that enters your life is an opportunity for empowerment,
advancement and increased wisdom. I like # 4 to take in or include as part,
item, or element of a more inclusive whole. Yes! It was needful for me to be misunderstood, feel as if I was alone, have a limited source so that I
could process to relying on my Father's wisdom, direction, empowering myself
to resist the need to need others to validate my uniqueness and giftings.
The season of lack empowered me to inquire for more, more wisdom,
knowledge and understanding of wealth to empower me to become. Become
what? Become who? A bona-fide child of God. Unique one of a kind gift
of God. The answer to the audience predestined for me. You see if I
continued to find fault with everything and everyone, fight the process
and continued to keep the same mindset I would be a victim as many who
simply need to "embrace the process." It is part of the whole.

Like Andre Crouch says in his song "I thank God for the mountains and I
thank God for the valleys and I thank God for things He's brought me through.
If I never had a problem, I wouldn't know that God could sovle them and
I wouldn't know what my Faith in God could do."

Yes, empowered one. It's time. Time to stop fighting, kicking and screaming.
Time to embrace the process. It's a part of the whole. Trust in God and have
Faith. Do what you need to do to equip yourself for the bold, beautiful and
brilliant life that God has ordained for you. No more excuses. No more playing

The way of a fool is right in his own eyes,
But he who heeds counsel is wise. Proverbs 12:15

You don't have to do it alone. I'm here to support you in your endeavor
to tap into your authentically brilliant life.

Now I invite you to request my free gift package for your empowering success.
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7 practical women's empowerment tips to combat anxiety

This seems to be very prevalent. Actually I was just speaking with a client today and she was expressing her sense of anxiety and how overwhelmed she feels with the situations in her life. My passion is supporting and providing women like you with
training and resources for women's empowerment that will enable you to discover
your authentic self, get unstuck, finally be free from emotional baggage, limiting beliefs that will result in unshakable confidence to step out in faith and live life on their terms. A bold, beautiful and authentically brilliant life!

I was reading this definition in the dictionary.
1 a : painful or apprehensive uneasiness of mind usually over an impending or anticipated ill b : fearful concern or interest c : a cause of anxiety
2 : an abnormal and overwhelming sense of apprehension and fear often marked by physiological signs (as sweating, tension, and increased pulse), by doubt concerning the reality and nature of the threat, and by self-doubt about one's capacity to cope with it.

Do you know how you can combat anxiety?

Let’s face it we have many opportunities to experience feelings of anxiety.

Have you ever been in a situation that brought on sweats, rapid heartbeat and shortness of breath? You probably weren’t having a heart attack but an anxiety attack. If you suffer from anxiety disorders, learning to manage it is the first step to overcoming it.

Anxiety is characterized as extreme reactions to fearful situations. When someone follows you into a dark alley, those anxious feelings of a racing heartbeat and sweaty palms gives way to heightened senses and a rush of adrenalin that can save your life. This is the fight or flight syndrome.

In the case of frequent anxiety, the fearful feelings are dread of a particular situation and not the situation itself. Getting caught in traffic can cause an anxiety attack over what might happen when you get to work late. Starting a new job can bring on anxiety attacks. You don’t know anyone and fear of that unknown can send you into a panic.

Everyone experiences panic or anxiety in small ways. Like the fight or flight example, it can save your life. In new situations, we get panicky but when the outcome we fear fails to materialize, the anxiety stops. For someone with chronic anxiety, this is not the case.

Every situation that brings anxiety is not life-threatening. More than likely it is an extremely stressful situation that has brought on the anxiety as a way of dealing with it. Unchecked anxiety of this type can lead to depression.

If you suffer from anxiety attacks on occasion or a more frequent anxiety disorder, there are steps you can take to keep your anxiety under control. I will list
6 practical tips for you below.

1. Meditate. Meditation is more than chanting mantras. Yoga is an exercise that involves quieting the mind and controlling your breathing. Simple mediation such as taking 5 minutes to clear your mind everyday can work wonders in the fight against anxiety, however, another way to meditate is on the word of God. I'll give you
a few great verses to meditate on below.

Philipins 4:6
Do not fret or have any anxiety about anything, but in every circumstance and in everything, by prayer and petition ([b]definite requests), with thanksgiving, continue to make your wants known to God.

7 And God's peace [shall be yours, that [c]tranquil state of a soul assured of its salvation through Christ, and so fearing nothing from God and being content with its earthly lot of whatever sort that is, that peace] which transcends all understanding shall [d]garrison and mount guard over your hearts and minds in Christ Jesus.

8 For the rest, brethren, whatever is true, whatever is worthy of reverence and is honorable and seemly, whatever is just, whatever is pure, whatever is lovely and lovable, whatever is kind and winsome and gracious, if there is any virtue and excellence, if there is anything worthy of praise, think on and weigh and take account of these things [fix your minds on them].

2. See a professional. This is always a good first step. Self-diagnosis of any type of physical or mental condition is unwise and can be dangerous. A professional psychologist can help you understand your anxiety and prescribe medication or other effective techniques.

3. Get a good night’s sleep. During the sleep cycle, your body repairs itself. You feel more rested after several hours of restorative sleep, reaching the REM stage. Most people need eight hours a night which varies within an hour or two each way.

4. Exercise on a consistent basis. Exercise helps you to use oxygen more efficiently. It helps to get more oxygen to the brain. It also increases focus which may help you see solutions to problems rather than simply worrying about them.

5. Manage the worry. When you feel your pulse start to quicken, count backwards from ten. As you count, focus on the situation. What has actually happened? Resist the urge to read anything more into the situation.

6. Find some relaxing activities. Stress can rob you of your energy. On a regular basis, do something you like such as gardening, painting, reading or listening to music. Stress has been attributed to 90% of all chronic diseases and we know
that some of these can lead to death. So in essence Anxiety, stress can be
a silent killer. Again not all levels, however, if you let it get out of
control it can be a contributing factor.

Anxiety can come into your life at any time. It’s normal. When the anxiety becomes frequent you could be at risk for more serious conditions. If you feel your anxiety is starting to take over your life or increasingly causing you problems, seek professional help immediately. There is no need to suffer this terrible condition in silence.

Now I invite you to secure your free access to my special report "Stress
reduction and The Powers of a Positive Attitude
." You'll find additional
positive insights to assist you with your empowering success endeavor.
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As always you are welcome to leave a comment by clicking the comment
link. Thank you.

Women's Empowerment: Can you imagine it?

If you could have anything in the world and didn't have to think about
money or knew you could not fail what would it be?
Can you imagine it?

There are so many things that you may want in this life
and yet you probably haven't begun to even imagine them. What visual do you
have? What have you written down? You don't fail unless you quit or you fall
and don't get up and most times money is not the hindrance to starting
towards your dream there are other contributing factors.

I've made some great shifts in my business and it began with visualizing
and getting very clear on what it was that I wanted. I had to put myself in
the moment and do a few other things to begin manifesting.
Another great factor was my Faith and my environment. I've been surrounding
myself with great women, adjusting my environments
to support what I do and desire to do. My number one priority is to close
to my Divine influence which is God. It's so easy to lose momentum and
motivation, however, when you're connected with accountability measures,
become faith-full, do what's needed for your environment to support you,
and surround yourself with power women the results are limitless.
What belief systems do you have in place that are sabotaging your efforts?
Are you doing the same thing expecting different results? It is also essential
that you make the necessary mindset shifts.

There is so much power within you to manifest your dreams. I challenge you to
begin with the picture/vision in view, discover and activate your burning desire.

Are you sabotaging your succes because of a lack of confidence or low
self esteem? What are you doing about it? Connect with
accountability measures (i.e. coach, mentor, systems), eliminate
the negatives, make mindset shifts, take inventory of your resources
available and begin living your big, bold, beautiful and authentically
brilliant life! Can you imagine it? Do it right here and right now.
Start with one step forward and keep moving.

God is able to [carry out His purpose and] do superabundantly, far over
and above all that we [dare] ask or think [infinitely beyond our highest
prayers, desires, thoughts, hopes, or dreams]. Ephesians 3:20 It's already
done in Heaven. Let it be done on earth! You have everything within you. Boost your self confidence and self esteem. Let go of those limiting beliefs. Tap into your brilliance and manifest!

Here's to you! The new Empowered you!

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