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Remove negatives and boost your confidence

I see many women limited in life because of a lack
of self confidence.

There are many ways to boost your self esteem and

One way is to remove negatives.

If anything feels like it's dragging you down, get
rid of it. If it's clutter, tidy up (physically and
mentally), if it's a friend full of negativity explain
nicely that you don't really feel up to talking right
now. If it's your kids acting up, leave the room for a
while and so on.

Surrounding yourself with negative vibes only drains
your positive energy

You've been tolerating the negatives too long. Start
today, it all begins with a choice.

Choose to remove the negatives and boost your
confidence today!

What can you do today to begin decluttering
before you hit the pillow tonight? Why not start with
removing the negative thoughts?

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Here's to a new confident You!
Tip from: The Dynamic Power of Focus by
Robin G. Tramble

Women and Moms it's not about us

Don't worry that children never listen to you; worry that they
are always watching you.-Robert Fulghum

I agree with the above quote, I would add don't worry at all.

Ladies we have been given such an awesome assignment and that is
to train up our children in the way they should go. How is it that
we are given this great responsibility and yet we ourselves are
still in training.

I've often heard that babies don't come with manuals, however,
there is a guide,the word of God. Many women may not know this but
we who are aware should read it more and share the benefits of
applying it with our friends and for those with grown children
with our children.

One area that affects many of us in the process of child rearing
is our self image. If we have a negative view of ourselves we feel
that others do also. Thus, we are influenced by our child's lack of
emotion, of negative vibes when we are instructing them. So because
we don't want to experience rejection we try to avoid too much
confrontation and really don't like making waves. Stop! You are
hurting your child(ren).

Ladies you must get over yourself! If you genuinely have some
areas of negativity in your life that have caused you to feel
this way, do something about it, but don't withhold wisdom from
your child to make yourself comfortable.

I have three grown children who are each successful in their own
rights. They each have shared that it waws my wisdom that helped
them in life and helped them succeed thus far. Most of all they're
thankful that we influenced them to have a personal relationship
with their Lord and Savior. Now ladies, if I had looked at their
faces, their body language or other negative actions I wouldn't
have continued in the way the Father God instructed us. I had to
get over myself and instill wisdom for life!

Women, moms it's not about us! It's about Father God and His purpose
and plan for our children from birth. It's about our children and
the great dividends that will be returned for richness and fullness
in life.

Continue to plant seeds. Start your day in God's presence so that
He can infuse you with His power to influence, build up your image
and provide wisdom and clarity of vision for your day.

The greatest reward for any mom/parent is to one day hear the words
"thanks mom for the way you raised me,for all of the wisdom (Godly)
you imparted into my life. I am successful today because of it."

Remember, it's not about us!

If you need to connect with someone to help build up a life of
empowerment to further support your call as a mom,businesswoman,
etc. Connect with me today!

Courage + Empowerment your passport to success

If you have a great ambition take as big a step as possible in the direction of fulfilling it, but if the step is only a tiny one, don't worry if is the largest one now possible.
- Mildred McAfee

Wow! Can you imagine how many small steps President Obama
made to arrive to this historical moment, how many times he
continued in the face of criticism. What about First lady Obama?
She remained strong while she supported her husband. She displayed
a commanding presence irregardless of the views and opinions of
others that felt maybe she was a little too much of this or not
enough of that.

They represent courage defined! Step by step they continued
to move towards the dream, the change we are now experiencing now.

Do you think Lady Obama could have retained her composure had
she not came to terms with who she was?

Well, what's holding you back from achieving all you desire?
How would you like to see some of your dreams come true in under a
year? Overcome fear- Fear of rejection,lack,success,failure,etc.

Did you know that you have everything within you
to succeed? That's right! There is a purpose and a plan for your
life that only you can fulfill. There are people waiting to hear
your voice.

You have something to say, you have something to give and my goal
is to help you become an empowered woman displaying the gifting
that Father God has supplied to you for your God success. You've
made a great choice when you choose to be all you can be.
God's gift to us is life and what we do with it is our gift
to Him. What have you done lateley?

As I always say,change begins with a choice and it isn't change
until there's..... right, change.

Take hold of courage and step by step You will arise to
your new life. A New Empowered You!

Be of good courage, and He shall strengthen your heart, all you
who hope in the Lord. There it is!

God in you = Empowerment

Now, I invite you to make the connection, take action today!

A Building block for Empowerment: Wisdom

Feed a man a fish he'll eat for a day. Give a man wisdom,
he'll eat for a lifetime and have plenty to share. (my rendition
of a popular quote)

Have you heard of individuals that win or inherit a large sum
of money only to end up broke 6 -12 months later? You ask
yourself,how is that possible? Well, it wasn't necessarily
a financial/money problem they were having it was a wisdom
problem. You see we can gain resources, education, money,
knowledge etc. but without wisdom we aren't able to
navigate properly.

Wisdom tells knowledge what to do.

How much better to get wisdom,than gold, and understanding than
silver. Proverbs 16:16 amp version

You can give me money, silver or gold, however,if you
give me wisdom and understanding I can lose it all,
however, I'll rebuild it again.

The beginning of wisdom is: get Wisdom (skillful and Godly wisdom)!
[For skillful and Godly Wisdom is the principal thing.]
And with all you have gotten, get understanding (discernment,
comprehension, and interpretation.)

Prize Wisdom highly and exalt her, and she will exalt and promote
you; she will bring you to honor when you embrace her.
She shall give your head a wreath of greatfulness; a crown of beauty
and glory will she deliver to you. Proverbs 4:7,8 amp

My grandmother taught me about wisdom as a little girl. I didn't
quite understand at the time, however, she made it sound so-o-o
good that I kept my ear open to additional instruction and as
I became a young adult I understood and applied her teachings.

Wisdom has helped me raise my children, wisdom has taught me
how to have an effective and rewarding marriage of 28 years.

If you're having marital problems,get wisdom!

Get wisdom for an empowered life and Dominate 2009 as you
unleash your greatness and realize your dreams and desires.

Ah-h-h wisdom,the principal thing and a building block for

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Peace as written by my daughter

I'd like to share a beautiful piece with you. I was very restless on Friday, January 9 with the thoughts of peace. I wanted to write but couldn't. Well, to my surprise my daughter was birthing this piece as it showed up on Facebook January 9, 2009.
Powerful, the connection between a daughter and mother. Now enjoy.

Empowering you,



Sometimes taken for granted
It still stands still
Like rivers in the early morning
It is ever so chill
Sometimes misunderstood
Some try hard to find the root
But it is ever so complex to do
For one cannot create it for you
It is one element that can only hold true
If the premise is set when time doth commence
If the motives for living are without blemish
And no fault before it can diminish it’s will…
That is when it will stand still
Some say it passes all understanding
Some believe it is as simple as breathing
If that were to hold true it would overtake the world
Not one soul would be fighting for
The Middle East would be sane once more
Russia would not have query or motive for war
The US would wonder what we’re fighting for
If like rivers peace ran through us
Just consumed us
And persuaded our souls to open up
Open up to the energy provided freely from the Universe
You see “peace” yeah it was free at first
But then came Adam and Eve
In Genesis 3rd chapter; sixth verse
And the invention of thieves that now exist throughout the earth
Now the most precious & expensive possession
Is peace without question
It’s the reason Lauryn Hill had to retreat to the hills
Gotta find peace of mind
The reason Left Eye left the US behind
Gotta find peace of mind
The reason Mary J. sang No More Drama
Gotta find peace of mind
And the reason America elected Obama
Gotta find peace of mind
So when you take a look around you
And things aren’t standing still
Not like rivers running through you
But like daggers that can kill
Retreat thy self to seclusion
If only for a moment to disillusion
So that all else begins to cease
That is the high price we pay for peace written by Purple © 2009 Jan 9, 2009

Women and change: Do good to all for His Glory

Therefore as we have opportunity, let us do good to all,
especally to those who are of the household of faith.
Galatians 6:10

Welcome to 2009!

This is the season of change and yet I wonder if we realize
that we are responsible for contributing to that change in
a positive way.

This is an information age and it appears that the growth
will only expand even more in the coming months.

I have a few questions? Are we merely focused on success
to hoard it up for ourselves or are we focused on adding
value through our journey?

Greed can yield corrupt activities, however, when we operate
out of a giving heart we reap a lifestyle of integrity and good

Do good to your brother and sister in the Kingdom, but most of
all do good to all that your representation of the Kingdom
may render good fruit and Glory to our Father.

The Power of One

It's been a little bit since my last post. I'm back and excited about

Would you rather have 2500 non-responsive connections or
100 powerful connections? I would rather have the latter.

I've never been so inspired since making the connections via social
networking. If I had doubted my influence or concentrated on quantity
rather than the quality of connections I may have become dismayed and
stopped, however, I continued and one connection led to more connections.
Connections with individuals that are making a difference.

If you have substance and add value to any relationship you too can realize
the power of one. What do I mean? The power of one influential person
connecting with another influential person makes for a flow of many
influential people.

What is your passion? Discover it today, combine it with action and get the word out.
You have something to say and there is an audience waiting to hear it.
Go experience the POWER of one.

Happy 2009!

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