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Announcing The Empowerment Gathering live!

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Special Free Christmas gift for Women's Empowerment - Secrets of Achievement and Change

This is a special offer just in time for the new year.
I know that many of you are looking to get started on your
empowering success plans for 2010 and I'd like to help you
get started with my special Christmas gift.

Get ready to Dominate and win in 2010!!

Do you have something you
want to change or achieve in
your life? Maybe you'd like to...

=> start a business
=> get a new career (or a raise)
=> lose weight
=> build your confidence
==>become stronger in your faith
=> or something else

No matter what you'd like to change or achieve, the secrets to
success are the same...

#1: Get clear. As specifically as possible, decide what you want.
The more clear you are on what you want to have in your life, the
more likely you are to achieve it.

#2: Get perspective. Most people don't tell anyone what they want
or what they are struggling with and because of that they don't
get an outside perspective.

#3: Get support. Very few people (if any) achieve anything
great alone. Sports stars have teammates and coaches.
Be willing to ask the people in your life to support you.

** Special "Rapid Change"
Coaching Session **

Do you have something SPECIAL,
something important for you to
change? If you want to speed up
your success rate, then I'd like
to help you do it with a special
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coaching session where we'll
work together to...

=> Start the process to get a clear vision
for 'ultimate success' so you know exactly what you want,
where you're headed, and what you need to do to make it

=> Uncover hidden challenges that may be sabotaging your
ability to make changes that last or that are slowing down
your progress

=> Leave this session renewed, re-energized, and inspired to
finally achieve the change you seek- once and for all

If you'd like to take advantage
of this very special, very limited, complimentary
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We ask that only individuals serious about rapid change and
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Since we're making this offer for the first time right now and we
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We'll take as many people as we can and then start a
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This will be first come , first served.
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Life Empowerment
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The power of songwriting and women's Personal Empowerment

Have you ever imagined writing your own songs?

How would you feel if you finally achieved that dream?
What if you could use that same learned skill to enhance
your personal empowerment activities?

It's been said that music is a universal language and that we can alter
our moods by the proper use of music. It has been found in research
that music can greatly enhance the recovery of patients in
the hospital. What can we say then about the power of the individual act of songwriting and women's personal empowerment?

Songwriting encompasses thoughts put to paper and these thoughts based on
experience have the power to shift our moods. When we take it a step further
and add music to the lyrics another dynamic is added.

The scripture in the bible "As a man thinketh in his heart so is he" has
been used in many personal development articles and readings in books
and on the internet. There's even a book with the title of the bible
scripture. When we put our thoughts to paper and capture it in song it
only accelerates this concept raising the impact received by the individual
recipient. When the song is then recited another dynamic is added by the act
of positive speaking and in this case positive singing. This is also evidenced
by scripture "Death and life are in the power of the tongue."
Proverbs 18:21.

Women's personal empowerment is essential to any level of success and
this is an idea to be taken serious as an addition to your list of personal
empowerment activities.

How significant of a role does your thoughts play in all of this?
Your thoughts become energy. If your thoughts are negative, the energy
is negative; if positive, then the energy is positive. When emotions become
involved with the thoughts, the energy is even stronger. The energy, however,
doesn't remain dormant - it expands. It expands each time you think your

As energy builds and gains strength, it beings to attract like energy.
Like a magnet, the energy attracts other like matter to it. Since the energy
is inside you, it attracts the like matter to you. If your
thoughts lean toward negative, then you are attracting negative matter - dead
end jobs, horrible bosses, bad relationships, never achieving that which you most want, constant struggle,conflicts, built up anger, and so on. Whereas, if your thoughts are positive, you attract positive outcome and situations.

Imagine writing songs that encompass the above mentioned activities.
The fusion of the lyrics, bass, simple keyboard or guitar lines etc. makes
for a foundation for a beautiful song, however, just the mere writing of lyrics
can offer therapeutic benefits.

The process of writing your song helps you to process your emotions by recalling the
experience. This can be a subtle way of dealing with emotions that you don't necessarily want to deal with head on.

How can this be applied to personal development?
I've often shared with clients the power of positive self talk. This is what we mentally say to ourselves and to others about ourselves. It limits us by our own self-labels.

Learn more about how you can learn to write your own songs. Songs to celebrate
a time in your life, for a loved one or for your own personal empowerment.

I'll share more on how you can use your learned skill to write positive
affirming songs to enhance your personal empowerment plans.
Visit the "You can write songs too page here" for additional information.

Black Friday specials - Women's Empowerment and success tools - Spa and skin care Specials

Thanksgiving is over but the festivities of the Retailers are not.

I hope you had a very joyous and peaceful Thanksgiving!

Today is what the retailers have deemed Black Friday and the
after Thanksgiving sales all begin today some began as early as 1:00 AM.

Well I have a special sa.le going on also on a couple of items. Give yourself
the gift of empowerment with a few selected items such as my Extraordinary woman
Extraordinary life eCoaching program where you'll save over
50%. During this sa.le you can also enroll in the Women's Empowerment Inner
Circle fre.e! A very valuable resource for the savvy woman and woman
entrepreneur looking for tools, support, training, coaching and
mentoring. You won't find a better value and resource for your
empowering success. There are a couple of additional items I'm sure
you'll want to consider.

First I want to make sure you also pay attention to the link on the page
to secure your spot during my Holiday fun and empowering Teleworkshop
"You can write songs too!" If you've ever longed to write just one song
whether for self enjoyment, improvement, to sing to a special loved one or to embark on a professional career this Teleworkshop is for you and you won't belief the low tuition attached. This is my Holiday gi.ft to you as well.

My husband and I have been in the music industry for over 20 years and haved composed many songs professionally and know the joy of watching individuals as they enjoy the gift of song through us. We can share from many perspectives, however, during this Teleworkshop I will introduce you to the fundamentals from the comfort of your home. Give yourself the gift of song "your own" now and forever.

Now to take advantage of this Black Friday sa.le and get the link to the
Teleworkshop go to:

Questions? Contact us

Happy Black Friday!!

Black Friday: Things you should know-Top 5

It's almost here "Black Friday" the after Thanksgiving sales. Everybody's
having them and they're starting early. Watch for my post I'll have one my self. One you may be interested in is a great site for skin care, spa and
cosmetic products. The sale starts Friday. When else?
"Black Friday" Click here Health - Beauty - Spa

For now I've posted a very informative article below for your
financial empowerment.

You can visit the site for details on each tip.

By Kelli B. Grant

FOR RETAILERS AND shoppers alike, Black Friday is serious business. Last year, more than 140 million shoppers hit the stores the day after Thanksgiving, with some 50 million already pushing shopping carts by 6:00 a.m., according to the National Retail Federation.

The allure? By far, shoppers can get the best deals of the year on pretty much everything. And with groups like the National Retail Federation forecasting a dismal holiday shopping season for retailers, stores will be slashing prices even further to drive traffic into their stores. That means we can expect the Black Friday bargains to be even hotter this year.

Even though the deals should be plentiful, you shouldn't start Black Friday without a game plan. Here are five tips on how to make the most of the biggest shopping day of the year:

Create a Game Plan

Forego sleep

Use the Internet

Compare Prices

Keep Your Identity Safe

Read more here


Women's Empowerment tips: How you respond to crisis will determine your level of empowering success!

How do you respond to crisis?

Does it cause you to panic or are you consumed by fear feeling as if the world is closing in all around you?

There will be continuous testing times as you move along your journey
towards an empowered life. There's no question about it we will have testing
times as you move up to new levels there will be new testing. So, we must
build safeguards so we stay focused and we stay along the course that's
been set for us and given that fact we are talking about focus in crisis,
learn to focus.

Now one of the hardest things to do in life when an unexpected change or
circumstances, disappointment etc. come your way is to stay focused. We either
are experiencing so much pain or we're so overwhelmed that the event tries to
take our full attention. So how can you continue along your path towards the goals
that you've set, the action steps you've set that will lead
you to that goal long term, short term?

I've been there when my daughter lost her vision I was forced to reach in
and grab every life skill, empowerment tool and my Faith to remain strengthened
and focused in order to support my daughter, my family and myself. I could have thrown in the towel and lost faith and focus, however, I didn't and through this gained keys to sustained empowerment, success and focus even in crisis.

Yes, I've had crisis times and will have more the difference is that I'm now
empowered to stay focused in crisis and want to share some insights with you
in this empowering resource! Our daughter has regained her vision and is
living an empowered life.

How you respond to crisis will in essence determine the level of your
empowering success!

Believe me you cannot continue to panic, yield to fatal distractions, be
overcome with fear and be a woman with a lack of confidence if you're
going to make strides and realize your best empowered life!

The years have passed and I know you've had your own share of crisis in your
life. The question is what are you going to do about it? Isn't it time
you empowered yourself with the skill sets to stay focused in crisis?

Finally...... be free!!!

Discover how to stay focused in crisis now, today, once and for all.

In my brand new report "How to stay focused in crisis" I
share insights on how you can harness the power of focus and other
life-changing keys to realized maximum empowerment as you discover
proven insights on staying focused in crisis and any season of your life.

Secure your copy today. There's no shipping and handling and it's
available for immediate download. Get "How to stay focused in crisis" here.

Happy Thanksgiving! Be Thankful

Be Thankful

Thanks for not having
Be thankful that you don't already have everything you desire.
If you did, what would there be to look forward to?

Thanks for lacking knowledge
Be thankful when you don't know something,
for it gives you the opportunity to learn.

Thanks for difficult times
Be thankful for the difficult times.
During those times you grow.

Thanks for limitations
Be thankful for your limitations,
because they give you opportunities for improvement.

Thanks for challenges
Be thankful for each new challenge,
because it will build your strength and character.

Thanks for mistakes made
Be thankful for your mistakes.
They will teach you valuable lessons.

Thanks for exhaustion
Be thankful when you're tired and weary,
because it means you've made the effort.

Thanks for setbacks
It's easy to be thankful for the good things.
A life of rich fulfillment comes to those who
are also thankful for the setbacks.

Thanks for troubles
Gratitude can turn a negative into a positive.
Find a way to be thankful for your troubles,
and they can become your blessings.
~ Author Unknown ~

In everything give thanks for this is the will of God in Christ Jesus
concerning you. I Thess. 5:18
The word doesn't tell us to thank Him that the problem, challenge or pain happened
but in everything Give Him thanks.

Woman Entrepreneur and newbie tips: Intro to article marketing

Ask any woman entrepreneur and they'll tell you one of the challenges
in business is getting traffic to our sites.

One of the easiest ways to get traffic to your website is by article marketing. It is not the fastest, but it is easy and cheap. When you are first starting in the internet marketing business, you need things that are easy and allow you to
leverage your money.

It doesn't take any time to blow your budget trying to get your website built, buying all the books under the sun, and even after all of that you probably still haven’t had your first sale. When the reality finally sets in that the internet work week is a pipe dream, you don’t have any money left to drive traffic to your website.

It is a given, that pay per click will drive traffic to your site faster than any other method, but if you have already blown your budget, you need to find ways to get traffic to your site for free, and this is where article marketing comes in.

Just about anyone with moderate English skills and minimal writing ability can write articles and publish them on the various article directories. And if your articles are remotely interesting, you can have them picked up by various webmasters and bloggers to use as information on their sites, some within hours of being published.

You may ask what needs to be done to have these articles point back to your website? Most experts will tell you that you need to have the all important keywords in your article point back to you website. Well, if you are a newbie, just what is a keyword, and how is it used to point traffic to your website.

I'll discuss this in an informative teleseminar with the Women's Empowerment
Inner Circle Gold Tier, Tuesday, November 4.

This call is free to all WE Inner Circle Gold Tier members. Not a member?
Join at a discount today and take advantage of this informative Power Executive
Call and other incredible benefits.

Enroll by clicking here Women's Empowerment Inner Circle

Personal and Business empowerment for the Woman Entrepreneur Newbie

Entrepreneur - one who organizes, manages, and assumes the risks of a business or enterprise

I've encountered many women who consider themselves as entrepreneurs,
however, there are various stages involved in the development of a
successful entrepreneur.

There are many questions that a woman entrepreneur newbie has that
can only be answered by one sensitive to this stage in an entrepreneur's
life. Many times you take teleseminars, classes, read books and purchase
programs only to be more confused than before in essence you experience
information overload.

You're not quite ready for the 5 steps to strategic marketing .... because
you are just grasping the fundamentals of marketing. Social this, website 2.0
and what??

Can someone just tell me how to get started?? How do I build my
confidence and self esteem for sustained empowerment and success? How do
I develop my vision, goals and what is a niche?

One of the keys to a personal foundation is : Get your personal needs met
Until your personal needs are met, it's difficult to live powerfully and

OK now let's talk about the solution.

Introducing The Woman Entrepreneur Newbie Club. A resource designed with
you in mind.

Just enough to assist you in beginning your journey as a successful
woman entrepreneur. You may also appreciate this resource even if you're
a little more seasoned than a newbie. Be motivated, supported, equipped
and empowered to finally realize your dream of a successful business only
this time with sharpened aim and focus.

Learn more and enroll now at the special $1 offer while it lasts!
The Woman Entrepreneur Newbie Club

Robin Tramble announces new woman's empowerment series: Dominate 2010... Live Big, Live Bold, Live Beautiful!!

When the world says, "Give up,"
Hope whispers, "Try it one more time."
~Author Unknown

How long will you wait on your best empowered life?

Life can be hard and you will face moments in your life
where you're tempted to give up.

This is when you must be clear on what matters most.

Do you have something you
want to change or achieve in
your life? Maybe you'd like to...

=> start a business
=> get a new career (or a raise)
=> lose weight
=> get your child(ren) to behave better
==>become stronger in your faith
=> or something else

No matter what you'd like to
change or achieve, the secrets to
success are the same...

Watch for details on my upcoming Teleseminar series
Dominate 2010! "Live big, Live bold, Live beautiful."

Discover keys to your ultimate success in life.

Leave these transformational calls renewed,
re-energized, and inspired to
finally achieve the change
you seek- once and for all.

Dominate 2010.....
Live Big, Live Bold and Live Beautiful.

The time is now!

Never ever give up.

While you're waiting why not request my 3 fre.e empowering gifts here.

Woman Entrepreneur tips: Realize maximum empowerment by unlocking your self improvement power

The effectiveness of self improvement has been discounted by many as an ineffective and/or insignificant part of our empowerment and success. I believe that you must continue self improvement for any level of sustained empowerment and success.

If you are looking at a certain object such as a painting– you won’t be able to appreciate what’s in it, what is painted and what else goes with it if the painting is just an inch away from our face, however, if you try to take it a little further, you’ll have a clearer vision of the whole art work.

There does come a point in our life when we are ready to receive information and change that will help us unlock our self improvement . Until then, something can be staring us right under our nose but we don’t see it. The only time we think of unlocking our self improvement power is when everything got worst. Take the frog principle for example –

Try placing Frog A in a pot of boiling water. What happens? He makes sounds! He jumps off! Why? Because he is not able to tolerate sudden change in his environment – the water’s temperature. Then try Frog B: place him in a luke warm water, then turn the gas stove on. Wait til the water reaches a certain boiling point. Frog B then thinks “Ooh… it’s a bit warm in here”.

At times people can be like Frog B. Today, Serena thinks James hates her. Tomorrow, Patrick walks up to her and told her he hates her. Serena stays the same and doesn’t take too much to heart what her friends says. The next day, she learned that Sheila and Carl also abhors her. Serena doesn’t realize at once the importance and the need for self improvement until the entire community hates her.

It is often said that we learn our lessons when we experience pain. We finally see the warning signs and signals when things get rough and tough. When do we realize that we need to change diets? When none of our jeans and shirts would fit us. When do we stop eating candies and chocolates? When all of our teeth have fallen out. When do we realize that we need to stop smoking? When our lungs have gone bad. When do we pray and ask for help? When we realize that we’re going to die within six months.

Empowered woman entrepreneurs and women don’t just accept change, they embrace it. Now, you don’t have to feel a tremendous heat before realizing the need for self improvement. Unlocking your self improvement power means unlocking yourself out of the cage of thought that “its just the way I am”. It is such a poor excuse for people who fear and resist change. Most of us program our minds like computers.

We are often conditioned by our environment, friends, relatives etc. Yvonne repeatedly tells everyone that she doesn’t have the guts to be around groups of people. She heard her mom, her dad, her sister, her teacher tell the same things about her to other people. Over the years, that is what Yvonne believes. She believes its her story. And what happens? Every time a great crowd would troop over their house, in school, and in the community – she tends to step back, shy away and lock herself up in a room. Yvonne not only believed in her story, she lived it.

Yvonne has to realize that she is not what she is in her story. Instead of having her story post around her face for everyone to remember, she has to have the spirit and show people “I am an important person and I should be treated accordingly!”

You can realize maximum empowerment when you unlock your self improvement power.
As I always say , empowerment is a choice. Self improvement may not be everybody’s favorite word, but if we look at things in a different point of view, we might have greater chances of enjoying the whole process instead of counting the days until we are fully improved. Three sessions in a week at the gym would result to a healthier life, reading books instead of watching TV will shape up a more profound knowledge, going out with friends and peers will help you take a step back from work and unwind.

Connecting with an accountability measure whether it’s through skills
learned through programs and systems or inviting a Coach or Mentor to
work with you is the most empowering step you can take. You’ll soon
realize that you’re beginning to take things light and become more joyful.

Unlock your self improvement power now! It’s your life and only you
can make the mindset shift from self sabotage and failure to
empowering success.

Get started today by requesting free access to my Just ask Q & A
Teleseminar series for Woman Entrepreneur Newbies which includes
great information for the more seasoned Woman Entrepreneur. You'll
also receive my audio secrets of an unstoppable woman entrepreneur
and access to the recorded call replay. Go to the Women Entrepreneur Newbie Teleseminar page here.

Women's Empowerment: 10 reasons to hire a coach

1. You will set far better goals that motivate you in a healthy way.
Did you have Goal Setting 101 in high school? Probably not. Enter the Coach, an expert in helping you to identify and set the goals that you really want, not the ones that are "shoulds," pipedreams, that you've been recycling or that mirror the goals of your parents, society or Madison Avenue. Choosing the right goals for you is an art and the Coach takes the necessary time to help you clarify your personal values, so that you have something really solid on which to develop your goals. Value-based goals are naturally motivating, but it takes good Coaching to get to these.

2. You'll accomplish goals and tasks and projects much more quickly.
One of the reasons that people hire a Coach is to save themselves time. Working with a Coach, they learn how to be far more effective, efficient and productive in everything that they do, including their job/business or personal projects. We humans just aren't that naturally effective, even if we think that we are. The Coach has the tools and techniques to share with their clients so that things get done in half the time. (Even the Coaching process is efficient -- on the phone, 1/2 hour a week, reasonable fee.)

3. You'll make fewer mistakes in your business life or in your personal life.
The old model of learning from your mistakes has deteriorated to be more like: How else will you learn if you don't make mistakes? Too expensive, in our view. With a Coach, you have a third eye, someone who's been there and who has Coached others in your situation, and an expert in getting the job done with the minimum of fuss (called learning curve, mistakes, errors in judgment, wrong tunnels, etc.). The costs (emotional, financial, time) of making mistakes has gotten very expensive in the past decade. A single mistake can ruin you in today's hyper-paced business environment. Some clients use their Coach as an inexpensive insurance policy.
4. You'll move up to the next level of your professional and personal life.
Almost everybody is moving up the ladder of business success, personal development, awareness and emotional balance. The coach can help you see where you are right now and point out ways to grow and get where you want to get to. Or, if you're not even on the ladder, the coach can guide you to it and help you get started on your path.

5. You'll reduce the number of problems you have and better resolve the
problems that are left. The first step in solving a problem is to ask yourself why you have this problem at all. The second step is to ask yourself why you have problems at all. The third step is to get on track to having no problems -- aka, becoming a Problem-Free Zone (PFZ). This is not a joke. Being a PFZ is becoming even more important along the path of sustainable success. You cannot afford to have problems, period. Life's too short and problems are too expensive. A well-trained coach can help you become a PFZ. A well-trained coach is a PFZ themselves.

6. You'll likely make more money in your career, profession or business.
Clients don't keep paying their Coaches just for the fun of it. Coaching, like every other professional service, needs to improve the financial bottom line and it does. Coaches are trained to help clients to leverage their ability to make money, i.e., getting a raise, choosing a better career, starting a business, improving profitability, adding more value to their customers, proper pricing, productivity and others. Sure, Coaching is personal, but it almost always includes a strong financial aspect.

7. You'll be a lot happier and this happiness will last.
Coaches know how to help you to reduce stress, integrate all aspects of your life, simplify or downshift, and reorient around what makes you the happiest. What good is increased productivity and profitability if you're not happy?

8. You'll be much more effective and influential with others: family,
business and personal relationships. Communication makes life life. A Coach is an expert communicator and trains clients on how to come across better, relate well with others, listen aggressively, influence, Coach, motivate and support others. There are over 100 communication and listening skills that clients can learn from a Coach.

9. You'll become much more attractive to others -- on the inside and on
the outside. Selling, as a profession and as a proven technique/process, is on its way out. Why? Because humans are getting better at choosing for themselves and buying better. Humans will respond less to advertising and selling techniques and instead be drawn to a product or service and they will be more likely drawn because of who is offering the product or service. This process is called attraction. It's real. It works. And it will replace much of the promotion, marketing, selling, seducing and other very expensive budget items. Remember, the world (aka consumers) is rapidly eliminating virtually all waste and inefficiencies in how business is conducted, products are sold and how services are delivered. Selling and mass marketing, while certainly still very effective right now, is on the hit list. Attraction is the next generation of selling and the well-trained Coach can help you and your business get on this track immediately.

10. You'll have a better life, not just a better lifestyle.
The term Quality of Life has become overused in the past few years, but the trend of Americans seeking to create a much better life for themselves is accelerating. In fact, people are re-examining what they had assumed that a good life was (married, 2.3 kids, nice car, secure job, church on Sundays, 3 weeks of vacation a year) and are now creating their own life, often breaking the rules and flying in the face of conventional wisdom in the process. Coaches understand the Life Design process and have already made many of the design changes in their life, that their clients are just now beginning to make.


About the Submitter
This piece was originally submitted by Thomas J. Leonard.
Thomas is Founder of Coach U, Coachville and Author of the Portable Coach.

Copyright 97, 98, 99, 00, 2001 CoachVille

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