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Women and Moms it's not about us

Don't worry that children never listen to you; worry that they
are always watching you.-Robert Fulghum

I agree with the above quote, I would add don't worry at all.

Ladies we have been given such an awesome assignment and that is
to train up our children in the way they should go. How is it that
we are given this great responsibility and yet we ourselves are
still in training.

I've often heard that babies don't come with manuals, however,
there is a guide,the word of God. Many women may not know this but
we who are aware should read it more and share the benefits of
applying it with our friends and for those with grown children
with our children.

One area that affects many of us in the process of child rearing
is our self image. If we have a negative view of ourselves we feel
that others do also. Thus, we are influenced by our child's lack of
emotion, of negative vibes when we are instructing them. So because
we don't want to experience rejection we try to avoid too much
confrontation and really don't like making waves. Stop! You are
hurting your child(ren).

Ladies you must get over yourself! If you genuinely have some
areas of negativity in your life that have caused you to feel
this way, do something about it, but don't withhold wisdom from
your child to make yourself comfortable.

I have three grown children who are each successful in their own
rights. They each have shared that it waws my wisdom that helped
them in life and helped them succeed thus far. Most of all they're
thankful that we influenced them to have a personal relationship
with their Lord and Savior. Now ladies, if I had looked at their
faces, their body language or other negative actions I wouldn't
have continued in the way the Father God instructed us. I had to
get over myself and instill wisdom for life!

Women, moms it's not about us! It's about Father God and His purpose
and plan for our children from birth. It's about our children and
the great dividends that will be returned for richness and fullness
in life.

Continue to plant seeds. Start your day in God's presence so that
He can infuse you with His power to influence, build up your image
and provide wisdom and clarity of vision for your day.

The greatest reward for any mom/parent is to one day hear the words
"thanks mom for the way you raised me,for all of the wisdom (Godly)
you imparted into my life. I am successful today because of it."

Remember, it's not about us!

If you need to connect with someone to help build up a life of
empowerment to further support your call as a mom,businesswoman,
etc. Connect with me today!

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