The Empowerment Gathering live in Sacramento, CA

Transform your life and business!

Imagine more time, money, less stress, unshakable
confidence and more clients!

Announcing The Empowerment Gathering live!

Will return August 4 and 5, 2011
The Double Tree Inn, Sacramento, CA

An incredible journey of life balance,
personal development, Empowerment
and Mindset Breakthroughs!
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Remove negatives and boost your confidence

I see many women limited in life because of a lack
of self confidence.

There are many ways to boost your self esteem and

One way is to remove negatives.

If anything feels like it's dragging you down, get
rid of it. If it's clutter, tidy up (physically and
mentally), if it's a friend full of negativity explain
nicely that you don't really feel up to talking right
now. If it's your kids acting up, leave the room for a
while and so on.

Surrounding yourself with negative vibes only drains
your positive energy

You've been tolerating the negatives too long. Start
today, it all begins with a choice.

Choose to remove the negatives and boost your
confidence today!

What can you do today to begin decluttering
before you hit the pillow tonight? Why not start with
removing the negative thoughts?

And now I invite you to get 14 more transformational
tips in my new mini-ebook: 15 tips towards boosting
your self esteem and confidence. It won't cost
you a think. It's my gift to you.

Go to:

Here's to a new confident You!
Tip from: The Dynamic Power of Focus by
Robin G. Tramble

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