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Peace as written by my daughter

I'd like to share a beautiful piece with you. I was very restless on Friday, January 9 with the thoughts of peace. I wanted to write but couldn't. Well, to my surprise my daughter was birthing this piece as it showed up on Facebook January 9, 2009.
Powerful, the connection between a daughter and mother. Now enjoy.

Empowering you,



Sometimes taken for granted
It still stands still
Like rivers in the early morning
It is ever so chill
Sometimes misunderstood
Some try hard to find the root
But it is ever so complex to do
For one cannot create it for you
It is one element that can only hold true
If the premise is set when time doth commence
If the motives for living are without blemish
And no fault before it can diminish it’s will…
That is when it will stand still
Some say it passes all understanding
Some believe it is as simple as breathing
If that were to hold true it would overtake the world
Not one soul would be fighting for
The Middle East would be sane once more
Russia would not have query or motive for war
The US would wonder what we’re fighting for
If like rivers peace ran through us
Just consumed us
And persuaded our souls to open up
Open up to the energy provided freely from the Universe
You see “peace” yeah it was free at first
But then came Adam and Eve
In Genesis 3rd chapter; sixth verse
And the invention of thieves that now exist throughout the earth
Now the most precious & expensive possession
Is peace without question
It’s the reason Lauryn Hill had to retreat to the hills
Gotta find peace of mind
The reason Left Eye left the US behind
Gotta find peace of mind
The reason Mary J. sang No More Drama
Gotta find peace of mind
And the reason America elected Obama
Gotta find peace of mind
So when you take a look around you
And things aren’t standing still
Not like rivers running through you
But like daggers that can kill
Retreat thy self to seclusion
If only for a moment to disillusion
So that all else begins to cease
That is the high price we pay for peace written by Purple © 2009 Jan 9, 2009


Cascia said...

That is beautiful. I just found your blog on Twitter Moms and I love it! I think we may have a few things in common. I hope we can keep in touch. Take care!

"Empowering" Robin said...

Thank you Cascia. We will keep in touch. Blessings, Robin