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Savvy woman and woman entrepreneur tips: How do you define success?

Success is to be measured not so much by the position that one has reached in life as by the obstacles that one has overcome. ~ Author unknown

Success has been defined by many as how much money you make, where you
live, what type of car you drive and other qualifiers. Success as
defined by who? By society, our families, churches, spouses, coworkers,
employers etc.

If you never define success for yourself you limit yourself to what
others would determine for you. How many years have you been following
a career path because it's the way your parents went or what they desired
for you? It's not to say that is not the right path, however, have you
come to terms with why you follow the path beyond what they have determined.
Or maybe you've been depressed for years because you don't live in a home
like the Jones and drive a car like the Smiths and everyone knows that is the definition of success so you live your life unsatisfied.

Are you watching other women entrepreneurs and comparing yourself with
what they have achieved and run around with guilt because you don't have
the same personality or can't pull it together and represent the way that
they do?

You must discover the authentic you and discover your definition of
success or continue to live in the shadow of others cheating yourself of
your divine destiny and purpose in life. Believe it or not you're also
cheating your family and the world.

I help individuals determine their three phrases for success. This is one
of the most powerful assessments used as a foundation for empowering women
to finally get unstuck and live their authentic life of empowerment!

Every participant of my 12 week program Breakthrough 2010 Mentoring
and Coaching will be given this assessment.

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