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A Woman Entrepreneur's self worth is critical to authentic life empowerment

One key area in your life that will affect every other area whether it's personal, spiritual or business life is how you see yourself.
It's important that you take inventory of how you feel about your self worth.

Take inventory of how you feel about your self worth

When you look at others how do you feel? Have you attached your self worth to your bank balance? Your self worth is about you, the person you are in life. We give others respect, love and consideration but how often do we give ourselves what is due? What we're talking about here is self esteem. How you value yourself is based on the self-esteem you have, your self-esteem shows you how much you truly value yourself. Healthy self-esteem leads to independence, happiness, flexibility, the ability to adapt easily to change, co-operation and a positive outlook on any situation. Healthy self esteem fuels your delicious life. Unhealthy or low self-esteem on the other hand leads only to irrational thoughts, unhappiness, fear of the new, defensiveness and a negative outlook on life in general.

Believe it or not how we see ourselves has a lot to do with how others see us, if we are happy, smiling and full of confidence then others see us as someone they want to be around, if we respect ourselves and portray this then others will respect you too, after all how can you ask for respect from others if you don’t even respect yourself? So finding and developing your self-worth is all about developing your self-esteem, so let’s take a look at esteem

Tips on developing your self worth
Below I will share a few tips on developing your self worth
There are plenty of ways in which you can boost your self-esteem and change to a more positive and healthy outlook about yourself,
here are some tips for developing and boosting your self-worth.

Eliminate negative self talk. Talk positively to your self, repeat affirmations and confessions to defuel negative thoughts and feelings.

Celebrate the positives. I share this tip in my eBook The Dynamic Power
of Focus
. Celebrate even the smalls achievements that you accomplish.
The participants of my Breakthrough 2010 Mentoring and Coaching program are
encouraged to do this intentionally.

Take time out for you. Never deprive yourself of something you enjoy.
Do something everyday that you enjoy, especially when you feel overwhelmed.
This allows room for creative and clarity of vision.

When you have opportunity to hear criticism from others, listen and learn from it, however, never take it to heart where you feel beat down or devalue yourself.

Realize that you are fearfully and wonderfully made. A unique one of a kind gift from Father God.

The next step is to take at least one thing from this post and apply to your
life. How can you use one thing before your head hits the pillow tonight.

It all begins with you!

Choose to live a big, bold, beautiful, delicious life "no apologies" today!

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