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Empowered Entrepreneurial women are students of life

What separates an Entrepreneurial leader from a follower?

There are many characteristics, however, entrepreneurial leaders do not have a mindset that adapts to failure. Things go wrong, of course, but entrepreneurs don’t call them “failures” they call them “glitches, mistakes, bungles, setbacks” – but not failing.

I've often heard it stated that you only fail when you quit or you only fail when you fall and neglect to get up.

An empowered entrepreneurial woman will approach decision-making with the idea that there’s a strong likelihood that she will be wrong. This doesn’t dissuade them – on the contrary they just do the best they can and worry about handling obstacles as they arise.

Another way of looking at it is to realize that you will make mistakes, so make them as quickly as you can in order to learn from them. A good leader doesn’t view making mistakes as negative or irrevocable, he/she feels free to press on and try something new. There is the belief that something useful has been learned, and hopefully not at a high cost.

Since we're going to make mistakes in this life why not make use of them as learning tools and don’t make the same ones twice.

Entrepreneurs also know the value of “intuition”. While you shouldn’t act on the results of tossing a coin, there is something to be said about your “gut” feeling about the situation. Very often business people become so involved with systems and checks-and-balances that they forget about that “gut” instinct they had when they started.

While not strictly logical, intuition does draw on a combination of experience, knowledge, and analysis as well as a lot of “gut” information you may have forgotten that you have.

How do you become a strong leader? One way you become a strong leader in your business is by “practicing” being a leader. It’s not a course you can take at a business college; it’s learned in the school of life as you’re doing business.

As a leader, you have to set standards and higher standards for your own behavior. You must do this because appearances are sometimes more important that facts.

You must also set a commanding presence.
Do you maintain the appearance of leadership? Do you project a confident appearance of a successful entrepreneur?

Presenting yourself as a confident entrepreneur, filled with the excitement of your business idea, and a strong leader of your team (whether it’s 1 or 10 employees) is what will make you a winner and add untold weight to your Business Plan. After all, you are your business to that ideal client/customer so you’d better look good and confident.

To protect that faith that your people and your customers have in your organization, always ask yourself these two questions:

Could this be interpreted by anyone in a way that would shake their faith in my leadership?
Could this be misinterpreted and held against me or the company?

One quality that every empowered entrepreneurial woman must possess is the ability to bounce back. Strong leaders know that leadership is a lifelong learning experience,and
that they are students of life and when they make a mistake they simply continue to move forward.

Don't waste your time waddling in the mud. When you don't achieve the desired result, get up and try again quickly.

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