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Women's Empowerment tips: One hindrance to a success mindset

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Did you know that one critical thing to your breakthrough and authentic life empowerment is to make the right mindset shifts?

And one of those shifts is a shift to a success mindset. I've shared essential keys to mindset breakthroughs, the importance of a success mindset and today I want to share one of the hindrances to a success mindset. One hindrance is that of not being aware of fatal distractions and being overcome by fatal distractions.

One hindrance to a success mindset is that of not being aware of fatal distractions and being overcome by fatal distractions.

The following are the definitions as found in the dictionary.

Fatal: a: causing death b: bringing ruin c: causing failure

Distraction: a: the act of distracting or the state of being distracted; especially: mental confusion

We could say that it represents bringing ruin to our mental focus. Another way to look at it is causing death and mental confusion with regard to a desired outcome, destination, etc.

Let's move on and I'd like to present another view of fatal distraction.

One typo, two typos, three typos, four? This was the pattern that followed as I continued to read. It was a good book, something that would benefit my spirit man tremendously. I felt like I was being lifted, challenged, restored and then it happened.... The power of the reading was diluted and my attention was drawn to the errors. I'm not saying this to draw attention to the errors found in books or other readings as now you may look for errors in this article. (smile).

When I saw the first one it wasn't a big deal, then the second one and I said to myself wow two on one page. I turned the page and saw yet another and actually stopped to make sure the error was there.

What was this? Why am I so interested in the errors that are here? It wasn't the errors I was interested in it was a fatal distraction. The word fatal means "causing or ending in death." There is definite opposition to our success and the goal to make sure that we die spiritually and/or physically. You will be presented with distractions the bottom line is that many are meant to be fatal. It took me sometime to stop what I was doing to refresh myself with devotion, devotion that would give life and refresh my vision.

Watch out for fatal distractions. Don't let distractions break your focus or intercept your endeavor to make mindset shifts. Being consumed by fatal distractions can send negative energy to your subconscious mind.

Maybe you're trying to get clear on your goals, vision and purpose you must do whatever is needed to overcome the fatal distractions that will come. Defuse the power of the opposition to your endeavours.

When you pray turn off the ringer on the phone if you must. Have devotions at the time of day where there is the least traffic going through your home.

How many fatal distractions have you been presented with? Is Father God trying to get you to the next level and can't because you are distracted by altercations that seem to occur often? Is He trying to warn you of your lack of spiritual development but you are being distracted by your commitment to your job and the promotion that may finally be realized? Maybe there is a witty idea and invention that is trying to be made available to you and yet you are more focused on another situation. Block the distraction! Press in, stay close, and draw nigh to Father God. Realize a mindset shift to success by being aware of and overcoming fatal distractions.

What spoke to you in this post about fatal distractions?

Go ahead, write it down and add how you can use this information
before your head hits the pillow.

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