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Empowerment Diva speaks: Diva-tude (what's all the fuss?) "That's the way I see it"

OK this is going to be my approved posts under the category of "That's the way
I see it." Is that OK? Thanks.

Here lately I've been attending calls where these confident, power-women
seem to rant and rave about Divas. Some of whom I tend to believe could
fall in the same classification of a Diva in their own way.

How far should Gurus and other power figures in certain industries go in bashing
others. Aren't we often encouraged to be authentic? To be true to ourselves.

Wouldn't this also be called stereotyping?

Why do I care? I'm glad you asked. I'm the Dynamite "Authentic Life"
Empowerment Mentor, Coach, Trainer and Public speaker also known as
Empowerment Diva because I've carved a niche in the Empowerment area.
Some of the remarks I've heard doesn't describe others I know or me
at all. That tis why. "Sorry english majors!"

I currently have over 6200 friends/followers on twitter that know me
as Empowerment Diva and I haven't forced anyone to follow Empowerment "Diva"
which I feel goes to also show that the meaning of Diva and the essence
thereof is in the eye of the beholder. It is a conviction and not a moral
crusade when you attempt to persuade all within your sphere of influence
to avoid the Divas.

Why is it OK for some to bash certain categories of individuals and in
the same sentence teach us about being authentic, branding and such?
Could it be because of the double standard? Could it be because of the
$$$ and more $$$ that allows them to have the liberty to say what they
want to say?

The higher we rise and the greater influence we have
I feel that we have a responsibility to serve the greater cause and
that is to inspire all to represent their true essence. Be careful of
what you speak you may be mirroring your own soul. This doesn't
only apply to those who would rather spend their air waves speaking ill of
DIVAs but of all who have been given an opportunity to speak into the lives
of others.

Just as everyone has their own attitude at any given time, well frankly
I think Divas have Diva-tude at any given time and it is based on
each individual personality. Stop the stereo-type. Don't throw
Divas in a box especially where it concerns branding. It may be
a good idea to refrain from trying to influence everyone with your
own personal convictions simply because you can when it involves
shedding negativity on one.

That's the way I see it.

Disclaimer: This is not Guru bashing. This is a creative and informational post. When posting comments be kind. (smile)

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