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Women's Empowerment tips: It's not over...Finish strong in 2009

We're here at the end of 2009 and you can look at it as the end and
that your op.portunity to achieve all that you wanted for 2009 is over.
Or.... you can look at it as an op.portunity to finish strong!

Yes, even in these last few weeks you can position yourself to
finish strong and jump-start your new year now.

Here are a few things you must do.

Get over yourself! OUCH!! Well we don't have a lot of time and you want
to hear it like it.... t-i-s tis right? So forget about all the reasons why you haven't
been successful accept for the activity of a professional self assessment.

Mindset shifts. Are your thoughts of success or failure and scarcity.
Make the shift to abundance and success. If you're in sales make the
shift from simply selling to sharing.

Eliminate those limiting beliefs. Let's face it we all have things that were
communicated to us and about us that influenced our success or lack thereof.
What has it done for you thus far? Not much if you're speaking of limiting

Set a few goals and attach action steps that you will complete daily to
achieve those goals. Write them down! Also always revisit your goals.

Get organized. Ughhh!! Yes, I said organization. This will help you
finish strong and jump-start 2010. Maybe this can be one of your goals.
To get organized!! Jot down daily action steps you'll need to take to
accomplish this. Get containers, bins, file folders, clear out the clutter,
designate a specific space for your office etc.

Get clear on your vision and if you're in business or aspire to start
a business get clear on who your niche (target market, who you serve)
is. This is very critical to your success. If you have no vision you have
no direction or navigation you are moving forward aimlessly if you're
moving forward at all.

Take inventory of the systems you have in place right now and
tweak any areas that didn't work.

Build your confidence and self esteem. This can be a great hindrance
to any endeavors whether personal, spiritual or business success.

Connect to an accountability measure. You know I have to say this.
This can be part of the big battle. You're on an island, trying to
reinvent the wheel, becoming overwhelmed and confessed.
You don't have to do that! Connect with a coach, mentor, trainer
hopefully that is or will be "me!"

Last but not least, commit to your spiritual authority. Your commitment
here will lay the foundation for anything you do. As Christians if you're married
your spiritual authority is your husband and Father God and those
unmarried it is Father God. It's important to have order and this
order would be based on the season of life you're in at this time.
Committing to Father God will help you fear-less and stay

There you have it a few tips on finishing strong. Of course there's much
more I could have said, however, we only have a few weeks left and
I don't want to overwhelm you.

If you need any support in any of these areas let's chat about getting
you connected. I have various levels for you to participate in.
Watch for programs being introduced that will support your efforts.

I suggest you begin with my Women's Empowerment Inner Circle here.


Quaneshia said...

This was awesome this gave me just the boost I needed to finish the year off strong. THANK YOU!

Fruitful Vine2 said...

Great encouragement!