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Women's Empowerment tips: How can I refrain from giving up?

If you want to get somewhere you have to know where you want to go and how
to get there. Then never, never, never give up. Norman Vincent Peal

The easiest thing to do is to give up. Whether it's giving up on your goals,
dreams, relationships etc. It doesn't take much to come to this
choice. And it is a choice. Each of us are given a choice we can
keep moving, stay persistent and consistent or choose to "Give up!"

Now, let's reflect on the quote above. I'm assuming that you do
want to get somewhere right?

One thing you must do is to know where you are going as mentioned
in the quote above. And all too many times that is one of the problems
you just don't even know where you want to go. You may complain about
what you don't have and how things have ended up and where you ended up.
Did you ever take the time to discover where it
is that you wanted to go? What is your vision,your dream, what are your
core values, who is your message to? All of these are important areas to
get clarity on.

How will you get there?
It's one thing to get clear on your goals, niche (who you serve),
and more and yet another to incorporate strategies and systems that
you'll use to get there. One thing you'll want to have is a mission
statement this not only helps others to see at a glance more of
what you're offering and to whom but helps you have a gage to measure
the effectiveness of your activities.

Back to setting goals. When setting goals it's not only good to do this
but to also make sure that you are setting effective goals and then add
action steps to your goals.

Why do individuals give up?
They may have become overwhelmed by too much information and lack the
needed support to actualize this information. Again, you don't have
goals in place aligned with daily action steps. There could be fear
in operation, fear of rejection, the unknown, failure, success etc.
A lack of Faith, courage and confidence.
There's no accountability measure in place. One accountability measure
you must have is a mentor,coach relationship. If you're not ready
for a formal mentoring/coaching relationship you need to consider being
part of a group that facilitates coaching and mentoring opportunities.
Most of these also provide tools, resources and assessments to reinforce
your experience.

My Women's Empowerment Inner Circle is a great option for one wanting to get started in this area.

Become a woman of tenacity with a success mindset and a resolve to never
give up!!

Empowerment is a choice. Choose to live your best empowered life today!

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