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An unstoppable woman entrepreneur is a woman of influence

INFLUENCING OTHERS: People will only change and "play ball" when,
in their terms, it makes sense for them to do so. And, it makes
more sense when they come to the conclusions themselves. Therefore,
to influence others, don't TELL them, ask open-ended questions which
will draw them to the conclusions you wish to make.
~ Author unknown

Most entrepreneurs know that a prospect needs to know,
like and trust you before they'll be ready to purchase from you.
Now, there are differing opinions on this, however, there is definite
truth to the quote above. When entering into any dialoque with an
individual whether it's a personal relationship or business relationship
it's always a good idea to allow the other individual to feel that they
have come to the conclusion that you wanted them to make on their own.

In this instance we are talking about the woman entrepreneur's
relationship with a prospect or client/customer.

To a certain extent it is a known fact that some individuals want
you to tell them what they want, however, you must use a certain
technique to achieve this without it appearing that you are telling
them what to do or what they want.

The one thing this involves is listening. I don't mean passive
listening but actively listening. This is the only way you'll be
armed with the means to ask open-ended questions relevant to the
goal you have.

Next you will want to know more about the individual. What are their
likes, where is their pain, what do they care about? You'll be in a
better position to influence your client/customer's or prospect's
decision and draw them into a conclusion that you desire.

Always have some means of capturing their information so that you can
better build your relationship with them.

Apply the tips given above and realize the fruits of an unstoppable woman
entrepreneur a woman of influence.

You'll find information beneficial to your personal,
spiritual and business growth in The Association of Christian Women
an organization designed to provide a resource bank of tools,
expertise,training and more for Christian Women Entrepreneurs.

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