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Woman Entrepreneur tips: Is the money really in the list?

We've often heard that the money is in the list. Although I believe in
this statement it is also important to note that the money is in a
responsive targeted list.

You can go on a daily pursuit of building a large list without any
focus on your niche or in other words who do you serve? And you'll
have a huge list of non responsive subscribers.

Carrie Wilkerson talks about community and how important it is to build
community and relationship.

I learned quite a few tidbits from her course magnetic list building.

Here are a few things she notes:

Definition: What is an "Opt-in list" or
"Permission-Based Marketing?"

This simply means that you are drawing prospects and customers closer to you by exchanging something of value for their name and e-mail, HENCE, permission to communicate with them about related products or services! Imagine yourself a large magnet, drawing a hungry crowd to you and they are raising their hand to say, "Yes! I am interested!"

She then shares the following: In a nutshell, here are 5 of the most basic low & no-cost tactics I used initially...

* Squeeze page with a free report or "ethical bribe"
* Weekly tips and/or newsletter
* Viral mini movie (there are ways to do this and things to avoid!)
* Tele-event series (this was also a great revenue generator
* Social Media (Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, & more)

In this course I received content rich emails weekly with lessons
on things such as finding your market to using video to build your list.

I highly recommend the Magnetic List Building course.

To learn more about this resource click here

Although I am not receiving any compensation for mentioning this resource, I do receive a small compensation should you decide to also secure it for yourself.

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