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Women in business empowerment: Is your online business suffering malnutrition?

Is your business suffering from neglect?

Are you responsible for the malnutrition of your business and life?


The Columbia Encyclopedia, Sixth Edition | 2008 | Copyright
malnutrition insufficiency of one or more nutritional elements necessary for health and well-being. Primary malnutrition is caused by the lack of essential foodstuffs—usually vitamins, minerals, or proteins—in the diet. In some areas of the world a poor economy or such regional conditions as drought or overpopulation cause a scarcity of certain foodstuffs, and a certain portion of the population is malnourished because essential nutrients are not available. However, even when food is plentiful, malnutrition can result from poor eating habits. Secondary malnutrition is caused by failure of absorption or utilization of nutrients (as in disease of the gastrointestinal tract, thyroid, kidney, liver, or pancreas), by increased nutritional requirements (growth, injuries, burns, surgical procedures, pregnancy, lactation, fever), or by excessive excretion (diarrhea).

You have goals and hopefully have clarity of vision and purpose.
Why isn't it working?
Why does it seem like the harder I work the more fatigued and
unproductive I feel.

As in our human body there are certain things that are considered
necessary ingredients and essential keys to a healthy business.
Quite frankly if you're not providing these things your business
is experiencing malnutrition.

We all have seen the sad pictures of children and how they look
when they are suffering severe malnutrition. They cannot function
properly, I can imagine that they are not very focused or have
much energy.

You are not doing your business any justice if you are the CEO and
you are, once you make the decision to start your business you must
change your mindset from that of an employee to the CEO the leader
of your business. The CEO has the authority to make decisions.

Here are some other qualities of a CEO mindset

Takes risks. A CEO mindset is that of taking risks.
Courage and Faith – The Woman CEO mindset is that of courage and Faith. She has
Made the necessary adjustments to operate with courage and faith.
Knows what her ideal client’s needs are and goes about to develop solutions for
Their problems and pain.
Knows her ideal client, where they hang out , what they like
Authentic – Operates from a place of authenticity and works to make sure
That her services, programs and products are not filled with hype.
Has tapped into her uniqueness and brilliance and is confident in who she is.

These are just a few and another she Is passionate about what she does.

Some key areas significant to a healthy online business
A healthy community of ideal clients (list building)
social media strategy
Effective website
These are just a few of the key areas.

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