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Woman entrepreneur tips: They won't know unless you show: Tips for increasing your online visibility

You have a great blog, product, service but there's one problem…
know one knows it or very few do if any.

As a savvy woman entrepreneur it's important that you have a visibility
plan. Why? Because they won't know unless you show. What?
They simply won't know anything about your great product, service
or program and unless you show it to them and one of the best ways is to increase
your online visibility.

I'm going to share three ways you can do this.

1) Post to blogs and forums
This is one of the easiest ways to increase your visibility. The key here
is to frequent forums and blogs that reach your audience. Don't
simply post great information, however, this is your time to shine.
Add to the content given by posting a comment that shows your
expertise. Don't overdue just a simple response. Some allow
you to leave your signature and others have it built in where it
will post your last blog post title and/or hyperlink your website.
Of course having your own blog will increase your visibility and
again you want the right visibility. Identifying and using your
best key words in your blog title and posts are key here.

2) Get Social. Social media is a great resource when you know
how to use it. It's not a coincidence that the word social is included
in Social Media. This is where many miss it. Instead of interacting
with their followers (twitter) or friends (facebook) they simply post
link and link and this is not good. This is gaining you the wrong
type of visibility.

3) Design your own newsletter/ezine
This is one of the easiest ways to not only gain visuality but is also
a great way to build your list/community. It's not as hard
as you may think it is. If you want additional information
on this contact me for my special report "How to get your message
out with an ezine!"

There you have it three easy ways to increase your visibility.
Of course you can do it yourself or you can add support such
as my programs or Teleseminars.

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