The Empowerment Gathering live in Sacramento, CA

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Imagine more time, money, less stress, unshakable
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Announcing The Empowerment Gathering live!

Will return August 4 and 5, 2011
The Double Tree Inn, Sacramento, CA

An incredible journey of life balance,
personal development, Empowerment
and Mindset Breakthroughs!
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Celebrating Easter - The Resurrection of my Lord and Savior - He didn't have to do it by Crystal Lewis

Easter is a time of celebration in the United States that for the
Christian Faith represents a celebration of the Resurrection of our
Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

I recall in the bible that there was a time when he expressed His human
emotions when He asked His Father to let the cup pass Him, however He
submitted His will and said nevertheless not my will but thine be done.

He didn't have to do it. He came down in a fleshly body conquered sin
so that we could all be free. He knew what was before. He felt the pain
just as we feel. Imagine the agony when you merely stump your toe. It can
be almost unbearable for just a moment. Now imagine 100 times and more
that pain.

He didn't have to do it, but I'm glad He did. He did it for you and me.

Enjoy this beautiful song by Crystal Lewis

One of my twitter friends shared a beautiful poem with me that I'm sure
you'll find to be very inspirational. Read He looked down on me here

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