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Announcing The Empowerment Gathering live!

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Woman Entrepreneur Empowerment tips: Ready, Aim... Fire!

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It’s not only important that you Get Ready but it’s also important to stay
ready. Especially as a woman entrepreneur desiring maximum empowerment.

What preparation have you made for your empowering success?

You have dreams and aspirations, however, they will remain just that
unless you prepare. It’s better to be prepared and have no opportunity than
to have an opportunity and miss it because you weren’t prepared.

Some of you have even taken the opportunity to invest in empowering
resources to surround yourself even more with motivation, passion and

Commit to yield to your Divine authority, Father God, Husband if you're
married and Pastor.

Seek God's wisdom which includes committing your work to Him and He will
establish your thoughts.
Cultivate a lifestyle of Faith

Sharpen your A.I.M.
In my eBook there is an acronym that I've aligned with the word aim.
A - Absolute resolve - Have an absolute resolve that whatever your endeavor
or vision this is your absolute resolve to achieve with no possibility of

I - Imagined success. You must imagine and envision success at all costs.
Don't be moved by the weather,circumstances or influences. Keep victory in view.

M - Mark it
The scripture comes to mind "I press toward the mark of the high calling
which is in Christ Jesus. Mark your place of destiny, mark the desired outcome,
mark it as the place of victory for your targeted endeavor.
You can find my Dynamic Power of Focus Power Pak here:

FIRE (Step out in Faith)
Planning and waiting, waiting and planning. All of the planning in the
world amounts to nothing if you never implement it. ~ Robin Tramble

You’ve done the preparation, sharpened your aim and you’ve made the leap to
invest in yourself now it’s on to application.

Get up and get started. Nothing happens and nothing changes unless you are
applying the strategies, keys and tips shared with you.

Faith is the substance of things hoped for and the evidence of things
not seen.

We walk by Faith and not by sight.

You've got to step out in Faith and be a a faith walking woman living
her best empowered life. Not necessarily faith in your wisdom but faith in God's wisdom, faith based on the principles you've adhered to.

Get ready, stay ready, aim and fire!

Robin Tramble the Dynamite authentic life empowerment

Mentor,coach, trainer and speaker. Empowering you to live

A big, bold, beautiful and deliciously authentic life. No hype,
simply the real deal.

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