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The Power of Self Esteem and Empowerment or the lack thereof

SELF-ESTEEM controls PERFORMANCE/REALITY which stimulate SELF-TALK which reinforces SELF-ESTEEM. This cycle can work positively or negatively and is greatly influenced by the self-talk ("I knew I wasn't good at --" vs "next time I'll practice and do better at --").

Did you know that self esteem plays a great role in how effective you will be in realizing your best empowered life?

In psychology, self-esteem reflects a person's overall evaluation or appraisal of his or her own worth.

Self-esteem encompasses beliefs (for example, "I am competent/incompetent") and emotions (for example, triumph/despair, pride/shame). Behavior may reflect self-esteem (for example, assertiveness/shyness, confidence/caution). [1]

Low self esteem can affect your productivity, a lack of confidence can negatively impact your business and personal relationships which as a result impede your success in life. [2]

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[2] The Dynamic Power of Focus Power pak


Katrina- Kathy Aker said...

Robin Love Your Blog's and Encourgement ,I agree with Self Esteem ,You Need to be Confident in the Lord and Trust Him with Faith and Your SelEsteem will Be.
Great Post,Ladies Robin will Motivate You with Godly Principles Awesome Woman Of God

Can't wait until Your Next Post


Mari said...

Amen! Negative self-talk will prevent you from suceeding and even from trying in the first place. In the KJV Proverbs 23:7 it says "For as he thinketh in his heart, so is he."