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How does your heart think?

As a man thinketh in his heart so is he. Proverbs 23.7

In this proverb the heart is also referred to as the mind/intellect.

Many of our hindrances come from a heart that is polluted by negativity.
You cannot move forward and accomplish your dreams with strife, fear and
negative mentalities.

We are talking about self awareness, mindset and goal setting on the forum.

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empowerment event today!

What is necessary is what I call a mental cleanse, yes a mental cleanse.

We need to clean our spirit and soul.

Renew your mind with new empowering thoughts.

Take inventory of some of your fears and anxieties. Where do these stem from.
Did it originate from your childhood, from an experience in a relationship?

Write down your feelings write now. Release the feelings through the power
of the pen. Give yourself permission to inhale the aura of peace and joy.

We'll talk more about this. You do have a choice of what you allow in which
will in turn influence what manifests externally.

How does your heart think? Think positive empowering thoughts to manifest
your best empowered life. Of course there are other things that we must do
to manifest our dreams and desires, however, this is a critical area to
focus on and strive to improve.

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Mari said...

This gives me such a visual. If you don't wash a dirty glass, whatever grime is there will carry over into your next beverage. If we clean the glass, we start fresh and can enjoy whatever we fill the glass with next.

Lovee said...

Renew your mind with new empowering thoughts.

I'm going to start my day with that thought.
A fresh mind, and a fresh heart.

vanessa said...

I start my day off in prayer that helps me to clear my mind and start off fresh daily by the grace of God.

vanessa said...

I also find that keeping a journal helps as well, I call it my FLOW Journal because I let it all flow from my mind, heart and soul to the pen and paper in my Journal.

Melanie Joy Vertalino said...

Robin where can I get more information on mental cleansing? I could really use it. I have some negative things inside me that have been there for decades (mostly from things others have said and done). Will simply thinking new thoughts eventually banish the old ones?