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I want it all... Should I feel guilty?

In my interactions with women this one question has always
been brought into the conversation. Some individuals want
to shake a finger at the woman asking this question, feeling
that it is selfish and #2 we can't possibly have it all.

Here are my thoughts.

This can be a hard question to answer if you fail to address the

What is having it all? How do you define having it all?
This is a little like the assessment I use with clients\
"Defining success." If you don't define success for yourself,
others will tell you what it is or not.

What is your vision for life?
When you're not sure of your vision you can't possibly
navigate effectively.

So.... if there would be anything to feel guilty about
it would be not properly defining what having it all means
to you. Yes, I said you, not your best friend, spouse, parent
or anyone. And then my friend you chart your course without guilt.

Another key area is to make sure your life is set-up for success
with balance. I use an assessment to facilitate this, which is
what all of the participants of The Dream Launch Program benefited from.

I invite you to get connected with your best empowered life today!

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Empowering YOU,

Robin G. Tramble


Great I Am said...

Yes, I want it all too. I want what God wants me to have. He wants me to have and to live the abundant life.

Freda Mooncotch said...

If your perception is your reality then telling yourself you can't have it all is exactly what you will get. I completely agree with you Robin when you say to women to define their version of having it all. What that means to me can mean something completely different to my neighbor or co-worker.

Women need to ask four questions:
1. Who am I?
2. What do I want?
3. Where am I going?
4. What does the person look like I want to be partner with me on my journey.

Many women do #4 before the other 3 then wake up later in life only to realize they have sacrificed themselves and their dreams.

Lastly, we have come along way. When my mom was growing up it was wrong and unthinkable to "want more" it was arrogant. To openly admit that you want to be CEO was unthinkable. You knew your place and you stayed there just like everyone else had to. You sacrificed who you were in the name of marriage, husband and children. Women were the ultimate sacrifice.

Today that is rapidly fading. Admit what you want instead of fighting it. It takes so much energy to have your emotions say I want more only to be stifled by your thoughts that say, "No, that is are bad." That creates such a huge internal conflict. Embrace it, admit it and run with it!

Great article.