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Women's Empowerment: Losing focus can immobilize you and hinder your empowering success in life

How can I stay focused while in the midst of so many distracting
situations in my life? Was one of the questions submitted in
my survey. This is all too true for many people, especially women
who are at times considered superwoman. As women we wear so many
hats. Sometimes it's because we allow ourselves to carry so much
and refuse to delegate due to the fact that we can do it better.
This is not the best solution for realized women's empowerment.

Losing focus can immobilize you and hinder your empowering success
in life. This is why it's important to learn life skills that will
allow you to get focused and stay focused. You may be saying that's good,
however, what about when crisis comes or I'm bombarded by so many
situations that I become overwhelmed and distracted what do I do
then? I'll share a few keys below that are also included in my special report
"How to stay focused in crisis."

Don’t panic!

This is number one here as this may be the natural response by most and that is to Panic. When I heard the call from my daughter saying “mommy I can’t see” my first inclination was to panic and then I gave the call to my husband so that I could regroup and reach into my Faith. Panic will send you spiraling down a staircase of many emotions sending you deeper and deeper into a mode of gloom and defeat. Below I share other things you must do to stay focused that you also must do that will fuel your ability to resist the panic stage. Unless you make an agreement with yourself that you will not panic the other keys may not be as effective in your endeavor to learn skills to help you stay focused in crisis.

Passion or burning desire

Having passion and a burning desire will drive you through that crisis. Many times we have to reignite our passion, reignite our burning desire. Do the steps needed to do that. And as you’re going through my Inner Circle or other programs or you’re a private coaching client stick to the activities and make sure you take action. Passion and burning desire is what you must have and this will help drive you through that crisis.

Last but not least, cast your cares on Father God because He cares
for you. Stay connected with the source. The source of your power
, the source of love and a sound mind.

You must do what it takes to accomplish your goals. You are empowered
through your union with Father God. Take at least one thing that you’ve
learned and apply it and then continue. Don’t be overwhelmed, don’t
stress yourself out as this will further discourage you and distract you.
The power is within you. You can begin your endeavor to stay focused in crisis
or any other time of your life as you apply what I have shared with you.

I've only shared a few keys here. To get more support and discover additional
keys to getting focused and reinventing your life secure your spot at
my FREE Teleseminar series Breakthrough 2010! Live Big, Bold and Beautiful.
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When: January 21
Time: 11:00 AM PST
January 28 at 5:30 PM PST
The recorded audio replay will be available to all registrants.
I will be giving away gift awards. Congratulations again to the recipients
on my last call.

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