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Women's Empowerment: Diary of a mad woman entrepreneur

No there's no error here I'm writing a twist on the popular movie by Tyler Perry
"Diary of a mad black woman."

In this movie the woman depicted as the wife of a lawyer who arrived to
a pivotal time of his life and was up for an award. This should have been
a time of celebration of the new season that they together had worked to
achieve, however, the husband had other ideas he had a woman on the side
who gave birth to two children and shared in the fruits of the husband's
labor. The wife soon learned after the ceremony that her life would
soon change when her husband shared that it was over and I might say in
the presence of his mistress. What were her emotions at that time?

How would you feel? All of her years of dedication , doing everything she knew
to do right and this is what life presents to her. Yes , she has a right to
be mad, she even has a right to seek vengeance. A man came into her life
that seemed to offer her a second chance and he appeared to be a good man.
Soon there would be an interuption her husband is shot and is left to
the decision of his mistress and still wife "Helen." The mistress left and
Helen returned to his side. Opportunity! Yes, Helen had in her hands
a time to seek vengeance and she gave it a good shot or should I say
gave him a good slap, shove in the sauna and more. I believe the fear
also caused her to return to what she knew and what she needed was the
courage to move away from the pain and begin again.

Did her actions set her free? She may have felt good at the time,
however, her mother reminded her about forgiveness, no not for Charles'
sake but for her sake. There was her door of opportunity. A door that she
could open or shut tight. She chose to open the door thereby setting herself
free to take a chance on new love.

Why do I tell you this story because there are many women entrepreneurs who
have had disappointments, felt pain, been abused , taken advantage of and
more and unlike Helen you've shut the door "tight." You are a mad woman
entrepreneur vowing to hold on to your anger, vowing to never give
it another try because you've tried to do all the right things and
this is where it left you. You've tried books, seminars, teleseminars,
relationships and "nothing has helped!"

It's never too late to redeem your dream is a quote that is by
Sharon Williams I believe. I want to give that to you. As long as
you have breath in your body there's still time there's still hope.

Another quote: When the world says, "Give up,"Hope whispers, "Try it one more time."~Author Unknown

I invite you to open the door to forgiveness. Forgive all of those who
you feel have hurt and disappointed you. Most of all forgive yourself.
Open the door to your best empowered life. Learn how to use the intense
pressures of your life to tap into and unleash your BRILLIANCE!

I've been there and it is bondage and can sabotage your divine destiny.
Trust God and His gift "life" , step out in faith with a mentor,trainer
and coach by your side. You can find that person in me. I'm here and
I care. Begin a new diary "The Diary of an empowered savvy woman

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