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Women's Empowerment tips: What to do when fear tries to overtake you!

Finally, brothers, whatever is true, whatever is noble,
whatever is right, whatever is pure, whatever is lovely,
whatever is admirable--if anything is excellent or
praiseworthy--think about such things. Philippians 4:8

Many times we don’t want to admit that we have any fears.
There a lot of things that we can be fearful of over the
course of our lives. If you told me years ago that I would
be a public speaker I would have answered who me….. that is
because I was bashful and thought I didn’t have a good speaking
voice and this hindered me from moving forth, how many of you
know that when you want anything bad enough you’ll move forward
to manifest that desire. I moved in the face of fear, sought
out mentors and a coach, dug deep into my faith and embraced
the process. Opportunities opened up to me.

Faith is the opposite fear and doubt and fear are cousins.
Our greatest glory is not in never failing, but in rising
up every time we fail. ~Ralph Waldo Emerson

People everywhere are beginning to live in a state of fear.
There is good fear and bad fear. Fear was also designed to warn
us and protect us from certain things, however, for the most part
people become in bondage to the negative fear.

Have you ever been hindered by a fear of success
(or a fear of failure)?
Have you ever received news that seemed to immobilize you
with fear?

Many people face this common problem daily.
Fear tried to overtake me when I learned that our daughter
was in the hospital on life support And even more so when we
learned that we almost lost her and a few days later we almost
Lost her again. Our experience has taught us some things about
dealing with crisis and this was another crisis. Our daughters
live in Seattle, WA and this was our oldest daughters. So imagine
hearing all of this and you’re hundreds of miles away.

We put in a call to our Father about our going up there and moved
forward to make that happened. When we arrived my heart went out.
Let me back up a little. Before that as we journeyed toward Seattle,
the enemy began working on our emotions, tears flowed and he tried
to present anxiety, we immediately started confessing the word of
God, praising Him for His intervention, speaking life.

When we arrived I saw our daughter and I said a quiet simple prayer
“Father God it would be nice to see our daughter off life support
before we return home.” I left it right there. How many of you know
that sometimes it’s those simple quiet prayers that seem to get
immediate response?

Our daughter’s numbers on the machine were 56 when we first arrived,
the next day 50 and the following 40 I came in that Tuesday morning
and saw that the number had gone up to 50 I said oh Lord that number
needs to go down and I heard “don’t worry about that number” and I
said to my husband we won’t worry about that number as if he was
really worried about it anyway. Next the nurse came in and said
did you hear the good news? We’re going to try to remove the tube today."
My heart leaped and I remembered the simple quiet prayer. Praise God
she was taken off life support and a few days later was moved out of

How did we remain focused and faith-full in the midst of this crisis
and others? One significant thing we had to do was Focus. We can be
immobilized by a lack of focus. Most times it’s because we don’t
have a burning desire, aren’t clear on our vision and surround
ourselves with negativity and more.

We focused on Faith. We could have focused on the negatives, however,
we pushed ourself to focus on faith not fear, not the circumstances
but FAITH!! There’s a quote that goes like this
“What you focus on expands!” I’m not sure of the author.

What are you focusing on? If it’s negative it’s fueling fear in your life.
Are you focusing on lack, focusing on fear, focusing on the hurts and
pains of your life? Develop positive focus. One verse in the bible that
is good to remember is in Philippians 4:8. You can view the verse at
the beginning of this article.

How many dreams have been delayed? How many risks have you stepped
back from taking as a result of fear. Fear is not something you want
to ignore as it can take away your quality of life and literally
control everything you do. In essence you’re imprisoned by fear.

We've had other opportunities to be overtaken by fear, however, our
focus is on Faith and not the negative. Our focus is on the majestic
POWER of our Father God. Develop a positive focus. Focus on the positive
outcome you want to realize. Focus on the manifestation of your goals.

I invite you to escape the pain and prison of fear. Do not be overcome with fear. Develop a positive focus. As I mentioned before one way to do this is to focus on Faith!!

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