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Women's Empowerment: Independence Day - What does freedom mean to you?

We are celebrating Independence day in the United States and for Canada
I believe it began July 1.

When thinking about Women's Empowerment I can't help but reflect on
how we have been granted certain freedoms because of the sacrifices of many.

This is a short post, however, a very important point to speak to.

My question to you is "What does Freedom mean to you?"
My answer? Freedom to me is having the ability to do what I want, when I want, at the time that I desire and where I want while enjoying
my family and friends. This also includes my Faith.

Are you realizing this freedom? What are you doing to manifest this Freedom
in your life? Does your current business model support your idea of Freedom?

If freedom means something different to you, ask yourself the same questions.

We have so many opportunities to realize the freedoms that we desire.
Empowerment is a choice. You make the choice to realize maximum empowerment
or to continue your dis-empowering habits and as a result remain in the same place.

As you celebrate Independence day, set intentions on how you are going
to step up to realizing the Freedom you desire in your life today! Begin
living life on your terms by your design.

Happy Independence Day!

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1 comment:

WWAHHMpreneur said...

As part of my continual journey with self-improvement, I am focusing on total wellness - spirit, soul and body.

I am working to set small, attainable short-term goals in each area so that I can get free and stay free.

I know that the process and journey is just as important as reaching the destination. Slow and steady is important for me to have lasting results.