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Personal Empowerment for Women: How will you get there?

I experienced a phenomenal series of sessions with Peter Daniels -
self made millionaire by way of our Church event. His
view on setting goals was an eye opener.

Many of us want so much out of life, we have these astronomical
figures in our head of how much money we would like
to have, businesses and places we'd like to go.

Do we really know what we want?
Are we really taking the steps to get there?

One of the questions he asked of ones who said they wanted
trillions $*$* - from a 1 - 10 where are they in their ability to
achieve this goal? Meaning; will what they are doing now allow them to get

Goal setting is very important in every aspect of our life. If
you have already set your goals and/or know what you want, the next
question is ; How will you get there?

Maybe you know where you want to go, however, you haven't determined
how or haven't set any goals to get there so therefore any road will
take you there.

Take inventory of the things you need to do, the
tools you must utilize and the connections you must make.

Do it today! Time won't wait forever.

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