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Too busy to live?

Are you too busy to live?

Every year Americans die from a lack of proper management and

care for our health . I know you don't have time to take a 20

minute walk at least 2 times per week. It's too much to take time to

plan my meals so that I don't consume too much food with empty calories,

or overwork your heart with saturated fats.....sure we only live once

and must enjoy ourselves with over indulgence with desserts, fats,

carbohydrates, sodas, fries, burgers, alcohol and...

need I say more.

Read the following study done by HHS' Centers for Disease

Control and Prevention (CDC)...........

Mortality for several leading causes of death declined in 1999,

according to preliminary figures from HHS' Centers for Disease

Control and Prevention (CDC), released today by HHS Secretary

Tommy G. Thompson.

At the same time, there were increases for other leading causes of

death, including septicemia (6.6 percent); hypertension (5 percent); chronic

lower respiratory diseases (4 percent),and diabetes (3.3 percent).

One thing that I wanted to point out was where it was said that

most of the other leading causes of deaths mentioned were


Are we too busy to live?

"Good health is literally a walk away," Secretary Thompson

said. "You don't have to work up a big sweat at the gym or become

a long-distance runner. Just 30 minutes of walking a day, five days a

week, can significantly improve your health. Playing with your kids in the

backyard for an hour each day can help the whole family stay


Well, I don't know about you, but I'm not to busy too live.

"Don't bother me....I'm living!" That is my desire

for you that you will get busy living a super-charged empowered life of success "Spirit, soul and body." So what are you doing at least three times

per week for 20 - 30 minutes a day...... walking to good health...

(or whatever form of exercise you choose)!

Now I invite you to gain access to two free resources for stressed-less

living and to
boost in your self esteem and confidence to realized a new empowered you .

1 comment:

Prosperity said...

Hey there Robin,
carbohydrates, sodas, fries, burgers, alcohol -"WE ARE WHAT WE EAT"
Being a gymnast since the age of 6,Personal Trainer and now LifeSuccess Consultant(understand that everything happens in the mind-loosing weight,being fit,etc.) can tell you that this post has a lot of layers.It is a message that people need to hear more often.My second statement would be - "Bad food takes our energy away - Good food gives us energy" and we have the ability to choose. Third "Energy creates Energy" (so when you are ready to say but I have no energy to work out - just go for a walk see you'll find your energy just around the corner)
Great post Robin.